Libertarian or "Dynamic" socialism (fixed)

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>I know so many people who owe 5 to 50k or more, and they
>never EVER had soldiers with submachine guns at the door

If you don't pay the property tax on your house when Government tells you to,
and you refuse to leave your house when Government tells you it now belongs
to them, I guarantee you WILL see submachine guns at the door. Government will
never give up, first they will try words, if that doesn't convince you they
will try moderate violence, if you're still not convinced of the righteousness
of the government's position then they will use more violence , they will do
whatever it takes to win, up to and including a bullet in the brain.

>>My opinion of elections is nearly as low as my
>>opinion of Governments.

>OK, so what is your alternative, your solution to how proper
>government comes into being?

Elections are dumb, an idiotic way of communicating your wishes, there are
much better ways. Every day I send hundreds of exquisitely precise messages
to the Free Market telling it what I want it to do. I also get to compare
brands, I can't do that In a democracy because I'm not voting for goods or
services or even policies, I just get to choose between two grab bags of
promises every 4 years, and democracy is the best form of government,
the best of a bad lot.

When I vote in the economy by making a purchase I am sure to get it, I always
win. When I vote for the grab bag I may or may not get it. At any rate,
the chances that my vote will influence things is so small that it's not worth
my time to study the issues very deeply, the result is that the politician
with the better hairdo gets to make the decisions.

>If you care about the rights of the inividual and are not
>propsoing outright not anarchy, how does the inidivual
>choose representatives?

I am proposing Anarchy because History has shown that limited government does
not stay limited for long. It seems to be in the fundamental nature of a state
to increase it's power. By definition a state has power an individual or
corporation does not have, it's inevitable that it will use that power,
however small it starts out to be, to gain even more power, the process
increases exponentially until people revolt. The lesson from history is clear,
the only solution is to eliminate governments completely.

John K Clark

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