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> a retro name) wrote:
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> WHile initially this would cause all sorts of yoyo/seesaw behaviors as
> people actually got into the practice of passing their own stupid laws
> and having to live with the consequences, but I imagine that people
> would tire of that FAST and start to act a lot more responsibly with
> their reaquired powers.
> >>
> - good answer, and you made me smile...
> >>
> WIth this, we would need a system of populating the Supreme court with
> the most conservative cantankerous old bastards/bitches determined to
> protect our Constitutional rights from our own stupidity. THe more
> powerful we make the legislative branch responsive to popular whims, we
> need an equally powerful brake in the Judicial to prevent us from
> lemmingization.
> >>
> The last thing I want is mean spirited, cantakerous "bastards" or "bitches",
> telling me what is best for me. I heard that for years with Bush, Reagan and
> Dole's campaign...
> It is no better than "nice", well meaning, condescending liberals telling me
> what is good for me.
> As for this "protecting us " from our own stupidity, isnt that EXACTLY what
> Optimalized Indivduals dont want?
> Exactly what our government is doing just a little TOO well?
> This idea is the very destructive, IMAO

While I agree with you for the most part, there are any number of
popular ways to vote ourselves into our own destruction, in both
political directions. I referred to such a court as a BRAKE, not a
reverse gear. Thus while it would prevent us from driving ourselves off
cliffs, we could easily override if the need were compelling enough to
warrant passage of amendments to the constitution.

I especially like a recent amendment passed in Washington State which
says that the legislature only needs a simple majority to LOWER taxes,
but must have a two thirds majority to RAISE taxes. Rather inspired
legislation, IMHO.

If a superdemocracy were developed like I proposed, it would only be a
few steps toward experimenting with or even adopting across the board
greater levels of indvidual or mini collective sovreignty as individuals
or groups may wish. In such a future, one of the first applications of
AIs would probably be as legal researchers/advisers to wade through
megatons of laws, cases, etc. for individual sovreigns who do not have
the time to waste.
> About the lawyers,. no comment needed.


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