Re: political correctness according to Hugo de Garis
Mon, 6 Jan 1997 10:56:14 -0500

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While exploring Hugo de Garis's web site on brain building I came
across this rant on political correctness. He claims that genius
in an undeniably male trait. I would be interested if anyone has
a reasonable argument against his views >>

I suggest reading "the Mismeasure of Man" by Steven Jay Gould, to explore
certain biases and odd science conjectures around this area.

For ever and ever the dominant group is trying to find scientific ( ie:
irreversable) evidence as to why they (whichever's current, geographical,
socially upperhand society it is, be it Gallic, Aryan, Greek, religious,male
(ALMOST always male but whoever) are in that position. Skulls, medulas,
teeth, neotony, brain weight have been measured, recorded meticuluosly,
disected and judged according to race, sex, vocation,( brian weight turned
out to embarrassing since the main propigators of this myth left their
brains behind for study) etc, etc....

I tend to agree that men will inherently do better than women in certain
areas, and are suited for certain tasks -and that they work much harder than
women in general. But look, there is so much repression (most of it -IMO due
to simply our own victim mentality) towards women of intellect or talent,
that it is hard to measure any objective standard.

Women live longer, but does that make us better? Have we done studies to find
out why this is purely genetic and cannot be "environmental" to prove our
superiority? I am sure one could stack the evidence to show it statistically,
if you worked hard enough at it....

-Nadia ( who is quite convinced she is a genius at art - and now has more
than ever, reason to prove it by hard work)