Rich Upload Realms & Extraterrestrial Evolution

Chris Hind (
Sun, 05 Jan 1997 15:14:29 -0800

>Why would an upload feel the need to colonize and explore outerspace? Or any
>physical space for that matter? Or am I missing some major facet of this....

We won't discover the entire universe without venturing out into it. The
more we discover, the richer our uploaded worlds will become. Imagine
discovering new laws of physics or new lifeforms. All these new things will
then be created within our uploaded worlds to enhance them. You could even
mix existing animal and extraterrestrial DNA to create some neato
lifeforms. Lets say we venture out into space before we upload, what impact
would alien lifeforms have on Earth? Imagine bringing animals and plants
from an alien world to here and having them grow out in the wild just as
european weeds now flourish in the united states. Now imagine after
millions of years what the new ecology and habitat would look like after a
complete merge of two different streams of evolution? Cool.

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