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Hara Ra (
Sun, 05 Jan 1997 01:40:57 -0800

Kennita Watson wrote:

> Hara Ra replied:
> >One approach is software. It is simple enough to write a program which
> >displays a few words
> >centered in the screen with a brief delay between phrases. Since you do
> >not have to saccade your eyes, rapid reading rates for text files can be
> >readily realized.
> This sounds like a great idea! I'd like to try writing such a program in
> Java. Is that an easy thing to do?

Java sounds like fun, but I am not sure whether it has functions tied to
the system
clock. Try doing it in straight C, do-able in about 100 lines of
code.... Then port
to Java...

Let me know what you end up doing....
(Happy to answer any C questions via private email...)

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