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Max M (
Sat, 4 Jan 1997 12:40:14 +0100

> From: Guru George

> Speaking as a techno musician, of both house and drum&bass genres, I
> have to say that you are quite right about techno not being experimental
> in a sense. Modern techno music is a quite narrowly constrained genre.
> All the sounds, fx, etc., are designed with people in mind who are out of
> their trees on drugs. There is a selection pressure that comes from the
> dance floor, via the DJ, to the music-makers, that drives us to copy what
> other people are doing that works on the dance floor

The techno scene died because of the popularity of the DJ's in the mid
eighties. Ever since then it has been mostly dance thats been focused on.
DJ's world view is so narrow minded. Techno could be so much more, and of
course it will be again, but the last ten years has mostly been a musical
dead zone. (with some exeptions.)

> The whole thing is a beautiful example of 1) the free market at work,
> and 2) the aesthetic notion that great art comes from tightly
> art forms, not rule-less free-form 'self-expression'.

I find that it's a perfect example of what happens when technology makes it
too easy for thousand of people with no imagination or nothing to say to
make something that "sounds right" or seems like art.

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