Re: Libertarian or "Dynamic" Socialism (fixed)

Julio R. Vaquer (
Fri, 03 Jan 1997 23:35:24 -0700

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
> > Libertarian socialism assumes people own their own bodies, unlike
> > "anarcho-capitalism" where the individual is "owned" by the corporation
> > they work for. In "anarcho-" capitalist society human behavior is regulated
> > by the imposition of regulatory patents, copyright laws, and so on.
> Copyrights and patents are /not/ a fundamental part of anarcho-capitalist
> philosophy, and in fact I find them completely counter to it (though I
> have had much difficulty convincing others of that point of view). The
> statement that anarcho-capitalism does not respect self-ownership is
> willfully slanderous--you know better, we all know better. If you want
> to to express opposition to an idea, have the integrity to argue with
> the real idea as it is, not with your own rhetorical creations.
> The current standard of anarcho-capitalist thought in probably David
> Friedman's work. It is true that he does argue in favor of copyrights
> and patents. I think his analysis is flawed, as was Rand's, but that
> doesn't mean you throw out the whole system. That's like creationists
> who argue that Darwin wasn't 100% correct, therefore God created man.

Lee, where can I find out more about Anarcho-capitalism. It seems at
first and second glance to be a self-contradicting term but I'd like to
see what its principles are. Does it exclude property rights? I'd also
like to read your arguments against patents/copyrights. You can respond
through the mail list or at my e-mail address:


Julio Vaquer