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From: sineo (
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 07:36:35 MST

This post consists only of my own experience with computer games - no URLs,
statistics, bibliography or other means of verification of what I've
written. If you need any of those don't read it.
IMHO there is one big problem with virtual nation building: I don't really
think that with today's level of technology it is good substitute for real
life (and I got feeling that it's meant to be, am I right here?). Computer
games have lots of limitations in the way they are presented. They are flat.
No real 3d vision, you cannot touch things, feel them, smell them, you don't
feel any kind of game's gravity forces and so on. All of this limitations
make playing games very, very mind handicapping. Human's body is not adapted
for such small portion of information it gets from your monitor display and
speakers so in the long run it may get disstorted. If you want to lead
healthy life style computer gaming won't help you... unless it's powerful
enough to fully immerse you in the gaming world with full stimulation of
your body (and it's not).
So if you have nothing to lose (you are already hardcore computer game
player or do nothing but work with your PC/Mac) then go ahead, build virtual
nation, play the game, close yourself in virtual reality. But I'don't
consider it smart or extropian. Gaming is like lots of other drugs.

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