Re: Battleground God

Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 13:34:04 MST

Well there you go. Looks like he can have his bullet back, I didn't like the
taste of it anyway.
       Extropian logic wins again :o)


In a message dated 21/02/02 16:56:05 GMT Standard Time, writes:

> You'll be happy to know you lost that bet. Here's an excerpt from
> the mail I got from Dr. Stangroom, verbatim:
> > You're absolutely right about this particular hit.
> > We've actually re-written it to deal with this objection, but I haven't
> > uploaded it yet, because I need to check very carefully that the changed
> > wording doesn't have implications for other hits and bullets (that's the
> > trouble with this thing, the moment you change phrasing even slightly, the
> > whole thing can fall to pieces).

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