The Politics of Transhumanism

From: J. Hughes (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 14:36:10 MST

Given the recent discussions of politics on this list, especially of
extropianism as libertarian transhumanism, I invite list members to read my
recent essay on "The Politics of Transhumanism." Thanks to comments from
Natasha and Max I've cleaned up a couple of factual errors. I would
appreciate your comments as well as I'm preparing it for submission for


Contemporary transhumanism has grown out of white, male, affluent, American
Internet culture, and its political perspective has generally been a
militant version of the libertarianism typical of that culture. Nonetheless
transhumanists are becoming more diverse, with some building a broad liberal
democratic philosophic foundation in the World Transhumanist Association.
The essay also discusses the emergence of neo-Nazi and radical democratic
transhumanism. For transhumanism to achieve its goals it needs to distance
itself from its anarcho-capitalist roots and its authoritarian mutations by
clarifying its commitments to liberal democratic institutions, values and
public policies. By embracing political engagement and the use of government
to address equity, safety and efficacy concerns about transhuman
technologies, transhumanists are in a better position to attract a larger,
broader audience.

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