Re: Giving cryo talk to Jewish high school

From: Russell Whitaker (
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 14:55:50 MST

--- Randy Smith <> wrote:
>It seems to me that people of the Jewish culture are
>less antagonistic to cryo-Extro-life-extension ideas.
>Arlene Sheskin's book _Cryonics_ included a survey of
>cryonicists from about 25 years ago. Some very large
>percentage of cryos in her survey were Jewish.
>Admittedly, many of them apparently came from the New
>York area, but it was a very large
percentage--perhaps >25-50%.

I've read a number of intellectual histories of the
Jews which bear out this kind of tolerance. While
still firmly an atheist, I have developed a
for Jewish intellectual history.

My latest read, started and finished on the Hong Kong
-> Vancouver leg of my recent trip back to the
US, was the mostly excellent "The Gifts of the
Jews: How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the
Way Everyone Thinks and Feels", by Thomas Cahill,
1998 (ISBN 0-385-48249-3). Highly recommended.
It's the 2nd book in a planned total of seven in his
"Hinges of History" series, following on to his
"How the Irish Saved Civilization", the book I
read on my way _over_ to Hong Kong, and another
I highly recommend.


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