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Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 12:52:36 MST

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>This guy's too extropian for you all not to have heard of him before. I'm
>way behind the curve, right?

Right. ;-) Though it's certainly true that J.D. Bernal seems to get
forgotten about too often in historical reviews of the roots of
transhumanism. I confess to forgetting to mention him sometimes. There is
also the Russian philosopher whose name refuses to surface at the moment
who advocated physical immortality in the late 19th century. Mike Perry of
Alcor wrote an excellent historical article about him some years ago.

Natasha already has an excellent "Transhuman Timeline", ExI has our own
history plus Reilly Jones's extensive history of extropic ideas, but we'll
have to gather all of these together into one magnum opus and include
Bernal. Is this URL the best source, or are there others with commentary
and context?

The World, the Flesh & the Devil
An Enquiry into the Future of the Three Enemies of the Rational Soul




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