Re: Marvin Minsky and Eliezer Yudkowsky

Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 18:02:02 MST

Egoism is always an annoyance, especially when seeking information from
somebody talented or gifted. That is one of the problems of mailing lists
also, is that the people involved get overloaded with competition for
attention, as well as the ego-related notion that "I shall not suffer fools
gladly." This leaves some of us reckoning that we all play the fool at some
point, whether we are brilliant or average.
So food for thought, if you want to advance your cause, whether Extropianism
or the Singularity, or Transhumanism; niceness and patience counts.

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<< t seems I was wrong not to discuss the incident. I have no particular
 interest in pursuing a grudge with Marvin Minsky, though I'll confess that
 I felt pretty disillusioned then and I still feel disillusioned now. For
 the record, I didn't do anything to attack Minsky or defend myself, I
 didn't write anything at all about the incident, until I found out the
 hard way that the ripples hadn't just died out - that they were, in fact,
 affecting other people considering me as a possible speaker. This post is
 to make clear my view of what happened, and I'd like to ask all of you to
 forward it on wherever these rumors are discussed. >>

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