The new Farming (was Re: communism vs capitalism)

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Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 12:17:39 MST

From: "Barbara Lamar" <>

>I expect the reflex reaction from some Extropians will be to
>accuse me of being a Luddite when I say I'm in favor of low-input
>farming. Please understand I'm not advocating going backwards to
>the way things were done 150 years ago. I'm saying that, based on
>what I've learned so far from 51 years of being curious and poking
>around to see how things work, it makes far more sense to
>UNDERSTAND natural processes and work with them to the extent
>possible rather than to use brute force without understanding what
>one is doing. In terms of dollars, why spend $2000 for something
>when you could get the same, or better, for 50 cents?

Awhile back I posted some information about "Market Gardens" which
is in the same light.

As a recap, market gardens are small, sometimes very small, farms
that grow things like organic vegetables and various gourmet
products for upscale restaurants in cities like Chicago. It's a
little known fact, but there is still a farm or two within the city

Anyway these market gardens sprung out of people literally
supplying these products out of backyard gardens, to these small
farms. As the number of new restaurants here explodes, so do the
needs for these farms.

I spoke with Charlie Trotter awhile back and he told me he has a
number of these farms on exclusive contracts. Some of his people
went out and actually recruited farms that were near foreclosure to
convert to the new protocol.

They are all making considerable money.


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