Re: Islam and extropianism

Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 09:47:58 MST

Well, most of them aren't that 'touchy', it was just something about which
I know they can be sensitive,
since most Westerners tend to think in Christian terms (whether they are or not) and it doesn't work here.
I hardly think being asked to be polite is a good reason not to discuss something with someone.

From: "J. R. Molloy" <>
Subject: Re: Islam and extropianism

From: <>
> Just a point of politeness, but if you're ever discussing this with a
> Muslim, don't call it theology. Apparently one of the tenets of Islam is
> that since God is unknowable, you can't study him (theo-ology), and they
> might take it as an insult. Not necessarily, but you never know.

If they're that touchy, reason may temp extropians to avoid discussing this with a Muslim at all.


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