San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation exhibit

From: Jim Fehlinger (
Date: Sun Feb 25 2001 - 17:39:59 MST

Entitled -- guess what -- "2001: Destination Space"! See

>From the above page:

"Highlights of some of the artifacts that will be in the
exhibit are as follows:

movie prop: HAL faceplate
movie prop: The key used to disconnect HAL
movie props: space helmet and boots
original movie posters and lobby cards from the 1968 release of the film
Original blueprint drawings of the spaceships and props
models of space ships, including a 6' Discovery ship
replica monolith"

I gather the HAL faceplate and the key used to unlock
the "Maximum Restricted Entry" circuit bay are the personal
property of David G. Stork, author of _HAL's Legacy_, see: .

So anyone going to Extro-5 (not me, unfortunately) can
meet HAL in person! Hope somebody takes some nice pictures,
and posts them on the Web somewhere.

Jim F.

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