Re: armed robots

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Feb 24 2001 - 23:02:08 MST

> At 10:38 AM 24/02/01 -0800, Spike wrote:
> >I want to see warfare converted into a situation where there
> >are *no* pink bods in danger.
> Damien Broderick wrote:
> I was under the impression that in your nation it tended to be an army of
> dark brown meat, just as when one arrives in LAX one is confronted by an
> army of brown bods doing almost all the unpleasant lugging, cleaning and
> sweeping. Damien Broderick

Of course we are all pink inside. All jobs that present a physical
danger to humans should be done by droids. If we end up with a
ludicrous and stunningly expensive game of battlebots, so that everyone
recognizes the futility of it all, very well, my job here is done.

If the result is a United States of Africa, a United States of
Asia, with an eventual economically free United States of
Earth, then very good.

The deeper principle here is that we have appealed to man's
higher nature since, well, forever. The results? Ever escalating
warfare. So, that didn't work. Shall we not then appeal to
mans *baser* nature? Shall we rely up lust and greed to end
war? Why not? These are emotions we can *depend* upon,
for they are totally predictable. For every self sacrificing Peace
Corps volunteer, there are a hundred greedy mercenaries, nay
a thousand, who will cheerfully murder for a pittance. We have
tried to fight against human nature, we lost. Let us now work
*with* human nature, even if it is deplorable. Let us save our
species making peace more profitable than war. spike

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