Re: PSYCH: Women and Math

From: Andy Toth (
Date: Sat Feb 24 2001 - 18:55:21 MST

> means what percentage of black Ph.D. candidates in Math were
> women? Generally 60% is considered a majority not a minority...wonder
> what they were trying to get at here? The less than 1% black candidates
> strikes me as odd though. Is there any known genetic advantage caucasians
> have in mathematical/logic fields?

that's a huge question. i may even call it superracial (transcendant
of race). however, i think the academic structure mirrors that of
non-africans (or some kind of polarity is developed), thereby not
allowing many africans to interact (ie, attain phd). where all races
should be integrated for we are using the same energy system. what
is the advantage of not having the academic structure mirror the
entire system? there exist other tools such as: expedition,
tracking, moding, nondisclosure that may not allow "more external"
africans phd subsumption (or whatever flavor).

all of the gene products should be interacting in the structure! it
is the best way to rapidly update and transfer genetic information
across the earth -- a grand task.


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