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Date: Sat Feb 24 2001 - 15:03:51 MST


As part of the ICAIL-2001 conference, a one-day workshop will be held
on the topic of legal evidence. The workshop is intended to bring
together legal scholars and AI researchers interested in computational
models of evidential reasoning, reasoning with uncertainty in
evidential reasoning and evidence-gathering and investigation
algorithms and advanced technologies. The workshop will be informal,
aiming to bring different communities together, in order to identify
common research interests and opportunities for interdisciplinary

Contributors are invited to submit papers, position statements and
system demonstrations on topics including but not restricted to:

     Computational Models of Evidential Reasoning and Argumentation
     Reasoning with Uncertainty in Evidential Reasoning
     Computational Models of Inferring Causality
     Evidence-gathering and Investigation Algorithms
     Evidence-gathering through Internet
     Advanced Judicial Support Systems
     Intelligent Legal Tutoring Systems in the field of Evidence
     and Fact-finding

Legal and philosophical contributors are encouraged to submit
article-form papers, to be refereed by the Workshop Organizing
Committee and presented during the workshop. Application developers
are encouraged to demonstrate their systems and present papers
describing the nature and purpose of the application, the techniques
employed, and the current state of implementation.

Persons interested in making presentations without submitting a
paper are encouraged to submit a "statement of interest."

The journal Law, Probability and Risk: A Journal of Reasoning under
Uncertainty (Oxford University Press) is happy to consider for
publication papers presented at the workshop. It is anticipated that
accepted papers will be published in 2002, in one or more of the
journal's quarterly issues. Papers submitted to Law, Probability and
Risk (LPR) will undergo peer review. LPR will accept only original
works. Papers slated for publication elsewhere are not eligible for
publication in LPR.

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