META: Enough with the emotional accusations of lying

From: Max More (
Date: Sat Feb 24 2001 - 12:54:55 MST

For reason's sake, please stop jumping on one another and calling each
other liars. I skimmed the relevant posts and don't think anyone was being
dishonest or lying. Loree -- you called Brian Williams dishonest. I think
that was unfair. I read the post in question and I didn't notice any
reference to guns. I suspect the same was true of Brian's reading. It was
only when Harvey re-posted the relevant passage that I noticed the oblique
reference that didn't use the term "gun". I think this was simply a
misreading and misunderstanding. Accusing Brian of lying (when I've never
seen any reason to question his ethics) is unnecessarily inflammatory.

And calling Harvey a liar is completely unacceptable as far as I'm
concerned. Harvey has consistently shown even-handedness in many good
attempts to set things straight. I took it not that he was saying that the
word "guns" had been used, but that something close to that was introduced

Everyone should just relax. We're not rotten evil people on this list. Give
the other person the benefit of the doubt. Look for an interpretation of
someone's words that doesn't require judging them to be a liar. Perhaps
they missed something in their reading. Perhaps they interpreted something
differently. Assume someone is innocent (or at worst careless, not
dishonest) until proven otherwise.

We have had a few clearly nasty, lying, destructive people on this list,
but the regulars are not among them. Stop baiting each other, stop looking
for anything to attack. Look for common ground. Look for productive




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