Re: armed robots

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Feb 24 2001 - 11:38:41 MST

> "Michael M. Butler" wrote: I get you now.
> While this implies a greater number of sorties per day per AVO than is
> today practical for pink bods in danger...

Exactly. I want to see warfare converted into a situation where there
are *no* pink bods in danger. The battlefield will be a huge expensive
version of the comedy channel's Battlebots, or perhaps that scene in
Star Wars with an army of droids. During the transition period, an
army of pink meat could face an army of droids, but they would recognize
the futility of facing a mechanical enemy that has no fear, no remorse, no
mother at home, etc.

Then the alphas in the less developed nations would spend enoooormous
sums to build their own droid army. Then the alphas of those nations
would be faaaar more reluctant to use and risk their expensive droid army.
{Before it was mere human lives at stake, of which the alpha had plenty.}
Then we have a transition period where the droids become ever more
sophisiticated and ever more expensive, somewhat like the development
of fighter aircraft in the last century. Resulting in great profit to those

corporations that design and build the robosoldiers, of course. Pretty
soon every nation has a collection of stunningly expensive hardware,
and war becomes economically disasterous for both sides, and eventually
no more bodily fluids are shed on the field of battle, neither blood nor
motor oil. This is my vision of the future of warfare. spike

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