_2001_: Optimistic or pessimistic, en fin?

From: Brent Allsop (allsop@fc.hp.com)
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 14:29:03 MST


        I also forwarded my post on this topic to a friend not on the
extropy list. He responded and here is my reply to his response.




> But you would have to be a DAMN good writer to find conflict in what
> is basically a conflictless situation: a dearth of evil. And that's
> what movies are about--conflict. No conflict, no drama, no
> investors.

        I think you're completely wrong here. When such a movie with
real capable and good Gods is finally made and finally becomes
popular, can you imagine the looks on the Popes' and Prophets' faces,
since all their teachings, stories, and suffering fantasies, will, in
comparison, suddenly become blatantly obviously full of evil, death,
suffering, damnation, faithlessness - especially their finally
obviously in comparison evil views of a vengeful God and ET's who were
thought to be either unwilling or unable to do anything more to

        Is there anything more epic, more dramatic, more full of evil
to be overcome (yet not really evil, since it is simply our own still
primitive ignorance, inability, and insanity) in all religions or all
stories ever told both fact and fiction? Doesn't real truth and
reality always far outshine all fictions and religious stories in
infinitely glorious ways? I think so.

        I think the next 100 years, as we fight with the evil and
still insane ludites and deathists, as we are finally able to get some
of our children to a gloriously immortal heaven, as finally the last
of our loved ones are lost... It will be an infinitely more fantastic
and dramatic story in every conceivable way than any and all stories
ever told. It will eternally be said that our parents really died or
more accurately really lived and overcam evil that our children might
eternally be. And we are lucky enough to inherit all that our parents
have given us, to be alive, experience, and finally take this last
step of a very long war, to bring it all to pass, this most
significant and dramatic cusp in the greatest story (a non fiction one
at that) that will ever be told or experienced.

        Who will make it, and who wont in this gratest final climactic
chapter of this story of the greatest and longest battle to overcome
all evil once and fore all? This most anticipated of all endings of
all stories is occurring right before our very eyes. Lets not be so
blind that we miss it entirely.

                Brent Allsop

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