RE: _2001_: Optimistic or pessimistic, en fin?

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Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 12:50:35 MST

Damn straight!!

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> Just once! Just once! I want to see an alien movie, or some
> story about some powerful God... That finally, after much effort,
> first discovers us and with a little more than a kindergarten level of
> intelligence knows just what to do (let me give you a hint. You don't
> come down and suffer and die with us on a cross.). Just once, I want
> to see these Gods mounting every resource they can muster, getting to
> us as fast as they can, communicating with us as urgently as possible,
> with half enough intelligence not to step on or hurt any of us (us
> obviously includes all forms of life here on earth) in the effort. I
> want to see them come in with their emergency rescue ships. I want to
> see their emergency vehicle flashing lights, blaring sirens ablazing,
> moving as fast as they can to save our beloved parents and brothers
> and sisters that are still, despite our best efforts, SUFFERING and
> DIEING! You know, kind of the way our emergency rescue workers put
> forth there best effort when someone needs it! Just once I want to
> see Gods that are caring like this and able to really help! Just once
> I want to see a happy hopeful faithful optimistic story in which evil
> isn't all that powerful, necessary and impossible to overcome.

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