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Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 07:44:01 MST

From: Harvey Newstrom <>

>This has been commonly reported in our local Florida papers.
>There were so many people making mistakes that they quickly
>realized that they would run out of ballots. They stopped giving
>out ballots for corrections. People were stuck with the choice of
>throwing away their entire ballot or submitting most of their
>votes with at least one wrong vote on it.

There was not one word of it here. I leave it to conspiracy
theoristists as to why.

>>Last I knew the majority of the uncounted absentee ballots were
>>from the military, and it was the dems who tried to prevent their
>>inclusion, so this would not have changed the outcome.

>There were a lot of technicalities argued on both sides.
>Technically, absentee ballots without postmarks must be thrown
>away. Military mail usually does not have postmarks, so military
>absentee ballots usually get thrown away. The Republicans wanted
>to ignore this bad rule and allow the military ballots to count
>(because they tended to favor Republicans). On the other side,
>technically, write-in votes for Al Gore are thrown out because you
>aren't supposed to write-in a candidate if they have a punch-hole.
>Republicans threw these ballots out while Democrats wanted them

Incorrect, there is a federal law that specifically states that
military absentee ballots do not require postmarks.

<long list of other locally reported items deleted for brevity>

It seems like there are a number of problems to be corrected.

>Individual claims should be investigated. Some of the claims were
>erroneous however. After the democratic initiated telemarketer
>campaign was launched, the number of complaints was considerably
>higher than the number of votes cast for example.

>I doubt that this is statistically possible. The voter turnout
>was very high, certainly a majority. Even if every single
>Democrat in the county called in to complain, they could not
>outnumber the total number of voters.

This is my mistake for not being clearer. I was referinng to those
who called in saying they had accidentally voted for Buchanon (sp?)
this number was something like three times the total number of
votes received.

>Although we may be sick of this topic, the controversy is not
>over. I believe that history will record that Bush was legally
>installed after Gore won the election because the counting
>mechanism was in error.


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