Re: Heston's speech

From: Neal Blaikie (
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 00:37:53 MST

Chris Russo wrote:

> At 14:27 -0800 2/22/01, Neal Blaikie wrote:
> >Chris Russo wrote:
> >
> >> >I've never once disagreed with this position. I have equal disdain for the
> >> >machinations of the Democrats.
> >>
> >> Could you describe what those machinations were, from your perspective?
> >
> >No. I'm tired of this subject. Like I said in my most recent response to
> >Brian, I only addressed this subject because he brought it up.
> Honestly, the reason I asked was because I suspected that like your
> other calls for not taking sides, this was another exercise in lip
> service.

Not at all. I'm just honestly tired of this topic. But I do have a question: why
is that no matter how many times I explain my position on this side-taking thing,
you continue to suspect me of only paying lip service? This is both presumptuous
and insulting (unless you're trying to be funny). I've explained myself honestly
and clearly, and am beginning to suspect you simply refuse to accept what I am


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