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Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 19:33:16 MST

>From: Loree Thomas <>

>Even if those songs are commercially profitable, they
>shouldn't be produced because some people find them
>offensive? And that would make the record companies
>that did produce such songs unethical?

I would think they should be produced, and once I own a record company, it
will matter what records I think should be produced. Your general tone here
suggests that you feel that this is our decision to make as a society. A
record company and a songwriter are individual entities, interacting
voluntarily, and unless otherwise stipulated by a contract, either party can

>By that standard, record companies probably shouldn't
>produce anything except innocuous bubble gum love
>songs, 'cause someone is gonna be offended no matter

There are some that do, I imagine. This leaves an untapped market and an
opportunity for others to move in.

> > How about this, what about the family of a slain
> > police officer
> > suing Ice-T for instigating the killing?
>Sounds like anti black PC speak rather than pro black
>PC speak.

I'm missing the race reference that you're referring to here.

>He isn't really pro liberty... else he'd take the bad
>with the good. He just wants to draw the restrictions
>in different places than they are currently drawn.
>And he acts out his desires in real life. That's

Maybe you can post an example, but off the top of my head, after reading the
speech once, I can't think of a place where he (Heston) said anything where
he advocated restricting anyone's liberty.

>Am I the only one on this list that sees things this



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