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Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 14:59:55 MST


>Brian D Williams wrote:
>I'm curious as to what you saw that was unfair about the

>An admission that a measurement has an error, and the realization
>that a measurement without an error bar wouldn't survive even a
>trace of peer scrutiny. That apart from the obvious cases of
>"candidate A won" or "candidate B won" or "candidate C won"
>there's also "within the error margins, we can't tell, so it's a
>tie", and a procedere for resolving such. As flipping an unbiased
>coin, or a public duel, or whatever.

Excellent,I like the part about a resolution if within the margin
of error. There are of course varios tie breaking methods If it had
come to that.

>Apart from that, anything with a "democracy" somewhere in it is
>supposed to represent the meaning of majority of voters. Not
>representatives of such, or some d'Hondtian games with numbers.
>Not to open the can of worms of basis democracy vs. elitism...

Sadly the idea that we are a "democracy" is little more than a
shared delusion, the U.S. is in fact a republic at least at the
federal level.


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