Re: The recent election (was Re: Heston's speech)

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Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 14:51:38 MST

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>From: Neal Blaikie <>
>Subject: Re: The recent election (was Re: Heston's speech)
>Brian D Williams wrote:
>> From: Neal Blaikie <>
>> >Not true. It simply indicates that I thought Bush was handed the
>> >presidency unfairly. If Gore had won by the same or similar
>> >tactics, I would have made the same comment. My problem is and
>> >will continue to be the fact that we, the American people, have
>> >been screwed, they did it blatantly, and very few people seem to
>> >care about it. I am not a supporter of Gore or the Democratic
>> >party, and thought he handled himself poorly. If you see this as
>> >me being partisan, I guess there's nothing I can do about it. You
>> >obviously have a different definition of the term.
>> I'm curious as to what you saw that was unfair about the election.
>I'm really rather tired of this subject, but will mention one thing of
>which I have personal knowledge: my brother, who lives in Palm Beach
>County and has been voting there for 20 years, noticed something wrong
>with his ballot when he began to use it. He took it up to a poll worker
>(probably a Democrat :-0) to point out the problem and was basically
>told "too bad." This caused him to have to choose between either voting
>for a candidate other than the one he had intended to vote for, or not
>having his vote count at all. If this had been an isolated case, I could
>understand it, but it's not. I have since spoken with a number of people
>I know who live in the same county, and have been told similar stories.
>Add this to the thousands of reported cases of this happening, of votes
>being thrown out for various other reasons, of absentee ballots not
>being counted or being counted twice, of black voters being turned away
>at the polls due to rather suspicious technical snafus, and various
>other problems, and to me we have a highly suspect election.
>But this is all irrelevant to the response I made to your original
>posting. The only reason I addressed it here is because you brought it
>up. My statement about us not really having a president was just me
>tossing off a personal opinion, and it was delivered as such. I had no
>interest in convincing anyone of my point of view. Besides, there's not
>a lot we can do about it now.

Yeah, it doesn't matter; their President is Charleton Heston, anyway (and he IS working out of the White House, according to NRA execs); just check out the bumper stickers on the next old pickup truck you spy parked in front of a house trailer.

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