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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 08:58:20 MST

From: Neal Blaikie <>

>>Brian D Williams wrote:

>> wrote:
>>> The speech conflates several different issues - some cases of
>>>ridiculous behavior, like punishing the 8-year-old kisser, with
>>>some not-so-ridiculous cases, like the media portrayals of
>>>millenium nuts. Standard rhetorical tactic for building support
>>>for your side of certain issues - link it to other issues where
>>>no reasonable person would disagree with you.
>>> Giving the other side a taste of their own medicine, bet they
>>>like it much....

>Hey, Brian, can you define what you mean by "other side"?

Actually Mr Heston represents the opposite of a number of
viewpoints, in this particular case he was arguing against those
advocates of censorship known as "politically correct".

>And why this obsession with sides?

The oldest trick in the debating handbook is to accuse the other
side of something and force them to defend. Obsession? Sorry you'll
have to produce evidence, not opinion on this.

>How does this fit in with "onward and upward"? I see conflicting
>viewpoints being embraced here.

I'm missing the conflicting viewpoint you're talking about. By
insisting on free speech, not merely politically correct speech is
completely aplicable to the extropian principals


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