Re: Quad Amps In Space

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 00:21:11 MST

> spike wrote: > I'm unwooooorthy! I suck!
> John Marlow wrote: **I couldn't speak to that. ;)

Actually, to say something sucks was once considered
vulgar speech. The term has enjoyed considerable
amelioration in recent years however, perhaps after Her Majesty
the Queen of England was heard to utter, at a state dinner:
France sucks.

> > What did you see as the show stopper? spike
> **Oh, saaay--the 18 year mission duration before you have someone
> halfway competent to do anything useful which requires
> mobility/dexterity...

Curious comment. Have you not been to a gaming arcade
and seen the 8 yr olds working video games? Many of the
preadolescent set are quite competent at the kinds of tasks
I can imagine our intrepid colonizers would face.

We think of 18 yrs olds as the beginning of competence.
But the Mars colonist's children are freed from the need to
learn all the incredibly complicated lessons of how to survive
in modern society, replaced only with the incredibly
complicated lessons of how to survive. spike

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