Re: Heston speech

From: Hugo Alves (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 23:00:08 MST

Brian wrote:
"No, What Heston did was call Time-Warner on profiteering on Ice-T's
song. He called into question their ethics.

How about this, what about the family of a slain police officer
suing Ice-T for instigating the killing?"

How about the families of the people that died in Tienamen square squashed
by chinese tanks? What if they sue whoever came up with the idea for the

True, Time-Warner's interest might have been (better say plainly "was")
profit, but after all, they are there for that, aren't they? You are not
expecting them to play the role of the good samaritan? That's the
government funding's job (at least in my country...).

That is much the same question as violence in the media. Do you honestly
think that by taking away all violent games and movies you will prevent
violence from happening? They didn't have any violent movies or particularly
violent games in the middle ages, and I believe books were mostly about
romance and religion, and still they didn't look quite that pacific lot.

Ice T might have provoked the policeman's death. But freedom of speech is
not all about roses. Everything has a price. It doesn't matter how good your
intentions are, there will always be people there to use the things you
defend for purposes that are not nice. Corruption is everywhere... you won't
get rid of it neither be censoring nor by giving freedom of speech. You just
have to be careful in what things you sacrifice for what other things (I
look like a priest speaking...)

Hugo Alves

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