Re: Islam and extropianism

From: John Marlow (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 15:39:40 MST

True--what we see on the news is nutballs blowing things up and
killing people. "Everyone was nice to Americans today" ain't great

Historical perspective--you know what they're doing to the remnants
of Sumer?

Fear that our future looks like their present?



On 21 Feb 2001, at 9:58, Neal Blaikie wrote:

> Thanks, Anders, for this thoughtful and reasonable analysis. I suspect you
> are correct. Here in America (at least) we tend to be bombarded with
> stereotypical notions of what Islamic countries are like, mostly by a
> sensation-hungry news media. This leads to a number of problems in
> perception, and to an ignorance about the larger world that often leads to
> further problems. Put into a proper historical perspective, we here in the
> West owe a great deal to Islamic culture, and it's a shame that recent
> political machinations have placed us in an adversarial position with them.
> I wonder sometimes if our antipathy is simply a manifestation of a fear of
> what our own future could look like . . .
> Neal Blaikie

John Marlow

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