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Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 15:00:09 MST

Via Slashdot:

The Online Enforcer

  David Powell's Copyright
  Control Services chases
  software pirates, and he may
  soon put an end to free music

  Michael Learmonth
  The Industry Standard
  February 21, 2001

  Dave Powell is not an officer of
  the law, but he prides himself
  on having a keen sense of where
  a man will bend and where he
  might break. The casual
  software pirate will usually
  respond to a sternly worded
  e-mail that appeals to some
  sort of universal sense of
  justice. Stealing, after all, is
  wrong and even though the
  Internet gives people a sense of
  anonymity, most people don't
  like to think of themselves as
  thieves. For the more savvy
  software pirate, Powell must
  appeal to an instinct more
  powerful than morality:

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