Re: Hayflick and others deny major life expectancy improvements

Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 12:27:51 MST

Hayflick does not "know it all" when it comes to life-extension. I've
learned to not try to reason with overconfident people, I just ignore them.
By coincidence, I have beside me a copy of a 7- point letter written in 1877
by a "technical committee" explaining why the telephone will never be
commonplace in private homes. Also I remember a television show about Robert
Fulton -- so many thought he was crazy for believing he could make a boat
that runs on steam. Similar for many other possibilities. Life extension is
a more difficult endeavor than inventing something mechanical but as said by
a hematologist I recently was evaluated by "aging is a process and any
process can be interfered with". (I think I'll always remember his exact

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