Funding Extropy Speakers, II

From: Chris Rasch (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 12:06:50 MST

One of the interesting things I learned from the articles I've read
about the TED conferences is that Wurman doesn't pay any speaking
fees, even though many of the speakers could command $30,000 -
$50,000/event, and even though Wurman himself charges $3 - $4

Wurman's able to get free speakers (except for hotel and food) because
a) of his own persistence and chutzpah b) the speakers want to attend
to meet the other people who will be there.

This suggests that one possible way to attract stellar speakers to
Extro, yet keep costs down:

Ask each potential speaker to name 3-4 people that they would really
like to meet--that they would like to meet so much, in fact, that the
speaker would be willing to forgo their normal speaking fees if you
got any one of them to attend Extro. Then go after one of those 3-4
people. Perhaps try the same thing for attendees.

Another idea:

Put the principle of social proof to work. (See Steve's Primer of
Practical Persuasion and Influence at Ask attendee's to give
a short biography describing their accomplishments, and a photograph.
Put them up on the Extro conference sign up page so potential
attendees can see who they will have the opportunity to meet if they
decide to attend. Same thing for Extropy members

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