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Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 09:05:07 MST

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writes:<< The study showed that it was viable for people to move from peasant
to high ranking party official in their own lifetime, for instance, whereas
the norm by
far under capitalism is to move very little from the social position in which
you are born. >>

Yes, whereas in the U. S. one has to be born wealthy. Examples (sticking to
your peasant to high ranking party official point)

Harry S. Truman: Dirt farmer and haberdasher that went broke. Lived his
entire married life in his mother in law's house.
Dwight D. Eisenhower: Strictly a working class background. Received his
education by appointment ot a college that didn't cost any money.
John F. Kennedy. Wealthy
Lyndon B. Johnson. Started as a school teacher with a state college education
Richard M. Nixon. A grocer's son.
Gerald Ford. Adopted son of a man of modest means.
Jimmy Carter. I believe the son of a well to do farmer.
Ronald Reagan. Son of an alcoholic employed as a shoe salesman.
George Bush. Wealthy
William Clinton. Step son of an alcoholic car salesman.
George W. Bush. Wealthy.
    I think the only reason most of these men weren't raised further down the
totem pole was that they were born at a time when they were close to bottom
of the pole.
Ron H.

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