Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 07:52:14 MST

I have been having an intermittent problem with the list over the last couple
of months. The problem manifests itself in my not receiving copies of my own
posts. This problem comes and goes. For instance, over this last weekend, I
received the posts I had sent to the list. Since yesterday, I've made a
number of posts which I have not received, including two "Test" posts. Ive
been told by others that this is happening to them as well (including folks
who don't use AOhelL as their ISP). This problem only seems to effect the
extropians list (whether sent to ".com" or ".org" and also posts sent to the
NodeNet lists). Posts I make to other lists aren't effected by the problem
during times when it occurs on the ExLists.

Can the folks at lucifer look into this? Also, I would appreciate receiving
confirmation directly to my email address that the anyone else on the list
has received the following posts from me, which I've made over the last 2

LAW: "Frivolous Lawsuits" (Was: Cryonics on ABC World News Tonight)
Re: Marriage of industry and ecology
Test 2
Re: Vertical vs Horizontal Segmentation

The last post of mine I received was "Re: SPACE: ISS Television", on 2/19
early AM.

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