Funding Extropy speakers?

From: Chris Rasch (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 03:35:38 MST

An experiment for funding speakers at Extro conferences:

1. Add a form to the Extropy web site, that allows a visitor to suggest
a name for a speaker for an Extro event, plus a small blurb indicating
how much one would be willing to pay to see this person speak.

2. Set up an account with Here's how EZCMoney works:

"....Customers create an account directly at the EZCMoney Web site.
Account creation requires only an e-mail address, a user name of their
own creation, a password of their choosing, and a clue in case they
their password. They then send funds to EZCardInc to open their account.

Customers are then able to spend that money anywhere on the Web that
 accepts EZCMoney by providing their EZCMoney account number instead
of a credit card number.

The merchant contacts EZCardInc asking for
payment via a secure Web API or via a Web form (for manual processing).
EZCardInc notifies the customer via email to confirm the purchase and
asks him/her to approve the transfer of funds to the merchant. Once the
customer approves the purchase, the merchant is notified and gets paid,
and proceeds to process the order...."

3. Ask Extropy members to pre-pay (via EZCmoney) for the speaker they
wish to see. After a month or two, find out how much the speakers with
the most pre-paid amounts would charge in order to speak at the Extro
conference. Post an online chart showing how much more you would need
to get to afford each speaker.

4. After you get enough money for the speaker + administrative fee, ask
EZCMoney for payment, at which point EZCMoney will ask the Extropy
Institute members who have prepaid to confirm their pre-payment. (Some
will likely renege, so you may have to seek some additional payments. )

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