TECH: Typing of the Dead

From: Chris Rasch (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 14:02:36 MST,10870,2652261,00.html
Ben Stahl, GameSpot VG

"...The premise hasn't changed at all from the Japanese version
- the game progresses exactly like it does in the House of the
Dead 2 version, except that now each enemy has a small box
with a certain word or phrase written in it. Each character in
the word is similar to a bullet - it slows the enemy's slow
stagger towards you, eventually falling the enemy when the
word is completed. More powerful enemies have more
complex words, and the later stages actually contain complex
phrases and stories. Boss characters each have their own
particular quirk - some bosses restrict the periods of time
you can type, while others make you answer trivia questions
by typing out the correct answer from a list of several
possible answers. While this may seem a little odd, the
gameplay is actually quite addicting and very fun to play.
Most of the phrases and words are quirky and there are
plenty of pop-culture references thrown in. It's not
uncommon to take down an enemy with a phrase like
"Vanilla Ice" or "Hello Neuman." However, Sega reminded
us that this is still an early version of the game, and some of
the references might be pulled due to licensing or judgment
issues. The game will also feature several mini-games that
are designed to improve your accuracy, quickness, and
alertness, and features tests designed to rate you in those

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