Another "Anomaly" Explained

From: Ian Goddard (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 12:57:32 MST

  The FOX "moon hoax" program presented this argument:
  There are cross-hairs placed on the camera lenses used
  to photograph the alleged moon surface. The crosshairs
  must always appear over the objects photographed since
  the crosshairs are in front of object before the lens.
  However, since some objects [always sunlit and white]
  appear to be over the cross hairs, this constitutes
  proof that the photographs were manipulated. Wrong...
  Example of an object appearing to be over crosshair:

  The website explains this "anomaly"
  Sunlit white objects are reflecting so much light the
  light overpowers and over-exposes the hair-thin black
  crosshairs, so the crosshair then disappears over the
  white object and the resulting impression/illusion is
  that the sunlit white object is over the cross hair.

  To test that overexposure hypothesis I taped a hair
  across the lens of a digital camcorder and pointed
  the lens at a sunlit white paper. Sure enough, the
  brightness coming off the white paper washed out the
  hair-line (predictable). As I moved the camera around,
  it looked on the camera monitor as if the paper was
  magically over the hair-line. The hair I taped over
  the lens did not disappear totally, but note that
  where it is not washed out, it's thicker than the
  Apollo hairline crosses. Also consider that the sun's
  brightness would be stronger on the moon since it has
  no atmosphere, and I suspect digital cameras prevent
  overexposure better. This hypothesis test appears
  to explain why some Apollo photos have sunlit white
  objects appearing to be in front of lens crosshairs.

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