Re: Question about PETA

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 12:11:58 MST

From: Harvey Newstrom <>

>>At 7:58am -0800 2/16/01, Brian D Williams wrote:
>>The "inner core" of PETA is also again't pet ownership (or was)
>>which is something their glassy-eyed subscribers are probably
>>unaware of.

>Why do you say that? I would think that most PETA members would
>also be against pet ownership. The concept of owning an animal
>seems to conflict with the concept of animal rights or returning
>animals to their natural state. I am not aware of any
>animal-rights activists who would support pet ownership. The two
>concepts appear to be incompatible to me.

I know a number of people who claim to be members, all are big time
pet (read cats) owners. None I've spoke with was ever aware of an
anti-pet stance in PETA.

The commercial they used to run to get members featured Rue
McClenahan (sp?) holding a cat while encouraging you to join.


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