Re: BIZ: Digital Gold Offers Liquidity to Dollar-Spooked Investors

Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 17:16:34 MST

Chris Rasch, <>, writes:
> The remarkable thing is the growth rate in e-gold accounts--3,000 to 130,000
> in six months. They also charge much lower transaction fees than credit card
> companies. And via OmniPay, you can pay bills from your e-gold account. It
> will be interesting to see what happens when more and more transactions occur
> via these currencies.

I think you misread the article; the growth was from mid 1999 to the
end of 2000, or 18 months rather than six. Still that is a substantial
growth rate.

We had some discussion here last year about online "virtual stock"
games like StockGeneration. Most of these are Ponzi schemes and fail
eventually, leaving a lot of unhappy "investors". Several of these
companies were using e-gold as their payment service because it did not
have the provision for customers to contest payments as they can with
credit cards. I had the impression that a substantial part of e-gold's
growth in early 2000 was due to these games, but I haven't been following
it lately.


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