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Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 12:29:25 MST

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> ...the meaning of ownership. I'd say it
> implies that the owner has the right to do as he wishes with his
> Nowhere on earth is this possible, to my knowledge.

Real estate law varies (in the US) from State to State. In California,
ownership of property connotes a "bundle of rights" or interests a person
has in the property owned. Ownership rights and interests are referred to
as estates. "Fee simple absolute" is the greatest interest one can have in
an estate. This "bundle of rights" includes the right to own, possess,
use, enjoy, encumber (borrow money on), dispose of (sell), and to exclude
those who do not share ownership of the property. Although one may wish to
do more than this with one's property, the laws of physics naturally apply
some constraint, to which city, county, and State agencies add community
regulation. All in all, we think like gods and live like insects.


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