TECH: iButton/Java Powered Ring

From: Chris Rasch (
Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 12:04:38 MST

"...The iButtonŽ is a 16mm computer chip armored in a stainless steel
Let's start with the package. Because of this unique, durable package,
up-to-date information can travel with a person or object. The steel
button is rugged enough to withstand harsh outdoor environments; it is
durable enough for a person to wear everyday on a digital accessory
like a ring, key fob, wallet, watch, metal card or badge (all of
which, incidentally, you can purchase from this site).

Now let's move to the computer chip inside the package. There are
multiple different iButtons available. Each starts with a
guaranteed-unique registration number engraved in the silicon. From
there, iButtons branch out into three different types:..."

"...The Java-powered Ring is, not surprisingly, the Java-powered iButton
mounted on a jewelry-grade, stainless steel ring. (The ring is also
available in solid gold, if you want to enter a room and make a
statement.) Why a ring? The whole idea is that you wear your
credential on a carefully guarded accessory, something you've spent
your entire life practicing how not to lose; and something rugged
enough to stand up to everyday wear. The memory iButton is also
available in ring form: the Digital Decoder Ring. If you don't like
rings, we also offer an iButton watch, wallet, engraveable metal card,
and key fob so you can wear your iButton in the form that best suits

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