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Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 10:14:51 MST

From: "Michael M. Butler" <>
> Much as with other available elective procedures, those who can elect to
> travel/use the underworld/pay off cops/etc. will do so. And they'll have
> less recourse to aboveground remedies if things don't work out for them.
> Who do you sue when you're blinded by bathtub gin? :\

Good question. I guess if you're Bill Joy, you relinquish the production
of (and therefore the responsibility for) distilling hootch, and plead for
everyone to follow suit (or for everyone to forebear a suit). Seems like
an unmanageable position, considering the dozens of research teams working
to create autonomous human-competitive robotic systems. Greg Burch has
positioned himself more sensibly, IMO. The first fully functional
human-competitive robotic system would do well to demonstrate expertise in
jurisprudence. Watch for the new CBT course: Teach Your AI Law...


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