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Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 10:43:09 MST

On Sunday, February 18, 2001 12:50 AM Michael M. Butler
> Also might be profitable to study how the laRouchies and such operate
> and do the best possible job of *not* coming off like them. I'm dead
> serious here. Hmm. Not a very extro expression. I'm all the way live
> serious here.

The thing to do is not to study them, but to study successful methods.

I've worked at Libertarian Party booths at fairs and learned that being
personable, giving information but not arguing, and not be annoying often
work best.

One thing I've noticed does not work is to start a public debate. Often
people who were antilibertarian would try to do this and it took time off
talking to other people. I learned this through experience. The more time
you spend arguing with a person is less time spent talking to others who
might be more receptive.

The best experience I had was at Lollapolluza concert. It might be better
to target that audience -- teen and twentysomethings. They are invariably
more open minded. (Yeah, we can find closed minded youths and open minded
geriatrics, but, on the whole, the tendency is for people to become less
open to new ideas as they age.)


Daniel Ust

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