Re: Azostix, was Re: Medical diets

From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 12:30:27 MST

Mike, thanks, with a few hours of web tracking I found Bayer not Ames now
makes them and several sources outside the US. But I also did find a US
supplier we was quite good.

Thanks again for your help and a back up supplier.

Best Ralph

At 09:28 AM 02/17/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>I found this:
>on Google using the search terms
>blood urea nitrogen Azostix
>Ralph Lewis wrote:
>> BTW does anyone remember and have a source for the Azostix system to measure
>> blood urea nitorgen (BUN) made by the Ames Company. They work like the
>> glucose sticks.

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