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Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 12:03:35 MST

From: "scerir" <>
>Let us try.
>Age: 51 (still breathing)

I'm impressed, Serafino. That took courage. You're more direct
and open about who you are than I am.

Usually I prefer people to go through some small filtering before
I openly give so many details of myself.

>It's not so interesting.

I agree, but ...

I thought that the first-order goal was to learn basic stats
of the people attending the conference.

So then, perhaps on the form, we could put a dotted line with these
other questions underneath. I.e. "Optional" questions, that attendees
could fill out if they are interested. These topics

>disposition, weight, diet, training, sports, tallness,
>hobby, sleep time, fears.

_do_ make the questionaire much more interesting.


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