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From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 21:45:08 MST wrote:

> I was not writing to defend communism, but to point out that the one-liner
> "history shows that communism doesn't work" can be applied to capitalism
> as well.

I reread your post Hal, and saw nothing in there that would suggest
you were defending communism. My own patriotic brain barf was
to answer your question as to why there is animosity between the
capitalist and the communist. Im gonna take another swing at that,
but please be assured, my post was in no way a criticism of you
personally. Your posts are among the best on this list.

Why do commies and capitalists hate each other?

The commie hates the capitalist because the capitalist is rich
and wont hand over the wealth, the stingy swine.

The capitalist hates the commie because the commie represents
a very real threat of siezing his riches.

Both are well justified by historical precedent. People generally
wont give away their wealth. Commies *will* seize the goods of
the Haves, and slay anyone who objects, if possible.

Nowthen, I will give the communists credit where it is due: they
have done wonders with their rocket boosters. When I see their
clever and robust designs, then remember they did all this almost
without the help of computers, well, I salute them, my hat is off
to them {the lousy pinko commie wretches}.

> This means that, in a sense, the United States is as much socialist
> as capitalist.

I am fully and painfully aware of this Hal. This is why I am no longer
a republican and now am proud to be a libertarian. The libertarian is
the *real* capitalist.

> The long conflict between the USSR and the US was not
> an ideological battle between capitalism and communism. It was a power
> struggle between two socialist nations.

Again, I agree. This points back to your original question. Looks
to me like the communists remain a threat in any democracy. In
general, the Have-Nots outbreed the Haves, and therefor present
the threat that they will continue to vote themselves more welfare
until you have a socialist society.

> We should not be blinded by patriotic or ideological propaganda.

My eyes are wide open. Notice ----> {8-|

> We live in a mixed society, part capitalist and part socialist.

Ja, and I am unfortunately living in the socialist part. As we speak the
so-called governor of Taxifornia is staging the seizure of property
from the utility companies. As I warned a few weeks ago, this is
gonna get worse before it gets better. spike

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