Re: Communism vs Capitalism (was Neal vs Michael slugfest)

From: Alejandro Dubrovsky (
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 18:45:18 MST

* Chris Russo <> [010217 11:18]:
> Instead of pretending that there are absolutes in the world that we
> can look at as examples, I think that it's important for us to
> examine the spectrum from predominately communist societies to
> predominately capitalist ones. At one end of the spectrum, you have
> the former Russia and China. At the other end, you have the United
> States.
This as far as i can see is a fallacy. At what end is the United States? Why do
you think it is anywhere near the extreme in capitalist countries? I would
consider singapore, switzerland and most of south america more capitalist than
the US (this is off the top of my head), and while switzerland and singapore are
doing well, i'd rather have lived in socialist russia than in Bolivia or Ecuador
(in the 70s). The persistant use of the USA as a demonstration that capitalism
succeeds seems like blind bias to me. (not to mention the corresponding fallacy
of communist China).

(Just to clarify, i'm not claiming socialism/communism is a better system, i just
fail to see the obvious proofs that people see of capitalism succeeded/communism

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